PAThs conference. Coptic Literature in Context. The Contexts of Coptic Literature

It has been a pleasure to participate in the conference organised by Paola Buzi and her fantastic PAThs team . The conference took place in Rome, Sapienza Università di Roma, 25-27 February 2019.

Although you do not need an excuse to open a conversation between scholars in archeology, philology and digital humanities around literary production of late antique Egypt, this time indeed there was one, the launching of the first product of the PAThs project, the Atlas. This new tool maps Coptic literary production geographically, although it includes multiple parameters of search and combines different sets of information: sites where Coptic manuscripts have been found,¬†produced, preserved, where they circulated, episcopal sees, colophons, sites mentioned in texts….

To celebrate this exciting new tool, which will help in advancing our knowledge, not only of Coptic literature, but of the whole context of literary production and readership, Paola Buzi brought an interesting group of scholars to discuss topics that define their project. Just to name some of them: the influence of narratives in parietal art, the use of the papyrus roll for Coptic literature, the material study of inks through spectrography, textual fluidity in the tradition of the apocryphal texts, new manuscripts from Antinoe, Hermoupolis and Elephantine. You can see the programme and abstracts here.

I congratulate Paola and her team!




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  1. It has been excellent opportunity to attend this conference, I had a many fruitful discussions with the professors and scholars, thanks for Prof.Dr. Paola Buzi and her team and congratulations for the magnificent project pAths.

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