New book

I am incredibly happy with this book. It has been long and careful work, side by side with wonderful scholars. I am so proud to announce its publication. I contains a series of essays that resulted from our careful studies of each individual formulary within the project Transmission of Magical Knowledge, and was published by Michigan University Press.

I. Libraries, Codices, and Rolls 

Chapter 1. Anatomy of the Magical Archive by Korshi Dosoo and Sofía Torallas Tovar

Chapter 2. Roll vs. Codex: The Format of the Magical Handbook by Korshi Dosoo and Sofía Torallas Tovar

Chapter 3. The Paleography and Dating of the Magical Formularies from Roman Egypt by Alberto Nodar 

II. Compositional and Redactional Patterns 

Chapter 4. Compositional Patterns in the Great Magical Papyrus of Paris (GEMF 57 = PGM IV) by Lynn R. LiDonnici

Chapter 5. The Composition of the Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden (GEMF 16 = PGM/ PDM XIV) by Korshi Dosoo

Chapter 6. GEMF 60 (PGM XIII): A Study of Material, Scribal, and Compositional Issues by Richard Gordon and Rachel Yuen- Collingridge

III. Distribution of Texts and Their History

Chapter 7. GEMF 74 (PGM VII): Reconstructing the Textual Tradition by Richard Gordon and Raquel Martín Hernández

Chapter 8. GEMF 15 (= PGM/ PDM XII): Production and Use of a Bilingual Magical Formulary by Panagiota Sarischouli

IV. Individual Recipes 367

Chapter 9. The Composite Recipes in GEMF 57 (= PGM IV) and How They Grew by Christopher A. Faraone

Chapter 10. The Rationale of Multi- Purpose Praxeis in the Formulary Tradition by Richard Gordon

Chapter 11. The Traffic in Magical Spells: Single- Sheet Formularies as Prompts for Oral Performance by Christopher A. Faraone.